Private Practice

Mr Moore conducts private out-patient clinics, operating lists and endoscopy lists at the Spire Montefiore Hove Hospital and the Nuffield Health Brighton Hospital.

Face to face in person, virtual video and telephone consultations are all available in all of Mr Moore’s private clinics. If a patient would like to arrange a video, telephone or face to face consultation with Mr Moore then they just need to contact Mr Moore’s Private Secretary or the clinic booking team at their preferred private hospital.
Mr Moore is fee assured with most UK private medical insurance companies.

The hospital is located in the heart of Hove, with excellent transport connections

Clean and modern patient accommodation, in the Woodingdean area of Brighton

Your Appointment

If any additional information is required regarding your appointment, or if you have any issues booking with your prefered hospital, please contact Mr Moore’s private seceratary for assistance.

Mr Moore’s private Secretary

Contact Details
01273 929 897

Mr Moore conducts regular Tuesday private clinics, endoscopy lists and operating lists at both Nuffield Health Brighton Hospital and Spire Montefiore Hove Hospital.

Mr Moore provides a private practice service for those who wish to have all of their medical consultations and any operations or interventions conducted personally by Mr Moore himself, an experienced, accredited, specialist, consultant general surgeon. Private practice can offer individual patients, and their friends and relatives, and referring clinicians, a level of excellence in medical care, and an experience, that other healthcare sectors just cannot match. Private patients usually enjoy much greater choice and flexibility in the timing of any consultations or operations. Private practice also provides for those who wish to guarantee that their hospital stay is in a clean, private room with en suite, private, washing and toilet facilities.


Mr Moore is fee assured with all of the major private medical and health insurance companies including BUPA, AXA PPP, WPA, Cigna, Prudential PRU, Exeter, AVIVA, CS Healthcare, Healix, Allianz and Simply Health. This means that in most instances, patients with private medical and private health insurance will not incur any extra charges or fees when they undergo private consultations or private medical or surgical treatment by Mr Moore, at any hospital that he sees or treats them at.


Mr Moore is also happy to see self-pay patients and any patients, relatives or friends wanting an estimate of likely clinic and treatment fees, before a patient sees Mr Moore in clinic, can phone his private secretary for further details at 01273 929 897 (please ask for Mr Moore secretary).


Mr Moore offers regular private practice consultations and treatment at the Nuffield Health Hospital Brighton and the Spire Montefiore Hospital in Hove. He conducts his private clinics and private operating lists at both the Nuffield Brighton Hospital and the Spire Montefiore Hove Hospital, alternating weekly between the 2 hospitals. This allows both those patients who prefer to go to Hove and those patients who prefer to go to Woodingdean, in Brighton, to gain equal access to Mr Moore’s private clinic and surgical services.


Patients are advised that they cannot usually be seen or treated by specialists without a referral, usually from a general practitioner (GP). Therefore, they should ideally make an appointment to see their local doctor first if they have any medical problem. Patients should make sure that they let their GP or other specialist know if they have a preferred surgeon, such as Mr Etienne Moore. This is because GPs and other specialists are usually happy to honour patient’s specific choice of consultant surgeon for private referrals. A patient’s local doctor will then make a referral to Mr Etienne Moore, if they feel it is appropriate.

In contrast to private referrals to a named consultant specialist, NHS referrals are made to a team of consultants and non-consultant healthcare workers, so NHS patients do not necessarily know which specific doctor or nurse will be seeing them in the NHS clinic. NHS patients subsequently put on the waiting list for a procedure should also note that it may well be a different member of staff, who the patient has never met before, who operates on them on the day of surgery. This also applies for endoscopies such as gastroscopy, colonoscopy and flexible sigmoidoscopy. These changes have been introduced into the NHS to try to reduce waiting times and to increase patient throughput.

“Any person who needs to undergo surgery is strongly advised to seek out and secure the best possible surgeon that they can. By its very nature surgery has to cause some injury to the human body in order to effect its benefits and in my opinion a good surgeon will always do their utmost to conduct the most meticulous surgery possible. If surgery is performed poorly then it can leave a patient with a lifetime of pain and complications. No operation is too minor or insignificant. No surgery can as yet come with a 100% complication-free guarantee but it is completely reasonable for a patient to ask any prospective surgeon about their training, operating experience and complication record. I passionately believe in meticulous and minimally traumatic surgery and I am very happy to discuss medical management and surgical operations with anybody who believes in putting their one and only body first.”

Etienne Moore


Mr Moore will accept UK or foreign self-referrals from patients but these patients should be aware that he will usually advise them that their GP or local doctor should be kept fully informed of any consultation or subsequent medical management. Such self-referring patients should telephone Mr Moore’s private secretaries directly or they can book directly into Mr Moore’s private clinic online. They can also contact the Nuffield Brighton Hospital or Montefiore Hove Hospital out-patient booking team (please see contact details page). A private consultation can then be arranged.


Payment for Mr Moore’s private practice services can be made by cash, cheque or credit card. Mr Moore’s secretary and billing team will accept payment from all major credit and debit cards. The credit cards accepted include VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro and Solo. Payments can be made online on the Medserv website.

Additional information

Please contact Mr Moore’s private secretary to find out the current costs of any private consultations and treatments. Privately insured patients are welcome and also those patients who are self-paying. All of the private hospitals that Mr Moore is associated with offer a fixed price service whereby a fixed price for surgical treatment can be agreed with patients before their treatment commences. This method gives patients the reassurance that they should not be expected to pay for some additional costs for extra unforeseen treatments needed during their hospital stay. Further details about fixed price schemes can be obtained from the individual hospitals.

Enquiries about clinic appointments and treatments with Mr Moore at the Nuffield Health Brighton Hospital or the Spire Montefiore Hove Hospital can also be made to the booking teams of the relevant hospital.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

Jim Rohn

“The greatest wealth is health.”


“Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one.”

Astrid Alauda