Moore Patient List

One of the most important jobs of F1 house officers is to keep an up-to-date list of Mr Moore’s in-patients

An up-to-date list of Moore in-patients should be kept by the F1 house officers.  The list is kept in the Moore folder on the G drive of level 9A computers.  F1 house officers should try to update the list at least twice a day.  In-patients names should be recorded along with their date of birth, hospital number and current ward.  Be vigilant about the fact that patients may be moved between a number of wards during their hospital stay.  Relevant blood test and radiology results should be recorded along with a short description of the reason for being an in-patient along with any recent or planned operations.

You should also record on the Moore patient list the details of all current Moore firm members and medical students along with mobile and bleep numbers and any leave booked.

Please give Mr Moore a copy of the new patient list at the start of his consultant ward rounds.

You must be extremely careful with the patient list because it contains confidential information and all paper and electronic copies should never be taken out of Trust buildings.  Any old paper copies of the patient list should be shredded using the machines available on level 9A.  The information contained within the patient list should only be viewed by those BSUH NHS Trust employees specifically delivering Moore patient care.  Moore firm medical students may also use the patient list but they must also keep strict patient confidentiality.  Allowing anyone else to be able to see the information contained within the confidential patient list is a disciplinary offence.