Laparoscopic trainer

Please ask Mr Moore if you wish to access the laparoscopic trainer

Hand-eye coordination is essential for laparoscopic surgery and practice makes perfect!  The Digestive Diseases department at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals has a digital laparoscopic trainer and laparoscopic instruments available for use 24 hours a day.  We are very grateful to the charity that donated the money to purchase the trainer.

This laparoscopic skills station is very precious so it is kept under lock and key in the department but surgical trainees should be able access it 24 hours a day if they know how.  Please ask Mr Moore how to gain access to the easy-to-use lap trainer if you would like to use it.  The laparoscopic skills trainer is an excellent way to while away any quiet hours on-call during evenings, nights or weekends.

Departmental doctors are welcome to use the lap trainer on their own but medical students must be accompanied by a departmental doctor at all times.