Introduction to Moore Firm

Further information for students attached to Mr Moore

The first thing to say to you is that Mr Moore welcomes medical students and he supports a strong ethos for teaching and training.  You should never be afraid to ask a question at any time or to ask for help with something that you do not understand.  Please feel free to ask questions from any member of the team.

Digestive Diseases Department Surgery Structure
2 Super firms – Colorectal and Upper GI (GI=gastrointestinal) with 5 consultant surgeons on each super firm (Mr Moore is on the Colorectal lower GI firm)
Consultant ward round each day on each super firm
Each super firm has a dedicated team of specialty doctors, specialist training registrars, core surgical trainees and foundation doctors
Each super firm has emergency and elective operating commitments along with out-patient clinics and endoscopy lists and ward patient care
Emergency and elective work is conducted at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton and some elective work is also conducted at the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath

Your Responsibilities
At all times you are expected to be sensitive and courteous to patients.  You should always act in a professional manner when in the working environment.  Most patients are very happy to see medical students but you should respect the few that do not want medical student contact.  Always ask patients if they mind you seeing them and always introduce yourself.  Never lie to a patient or make things up because this can seriously affect patient care.  It is much better to say that you do not know the answer to a question rather than give misinformation.

Always wear your identification badge when in hospital.

You should find out firm events, eg operating lists and out-patient clinics, for the coming week from a member of the surgical team.  Both the colorectal and upper GI super firms meet at 8am in the level 4 theatre seminar room at the Royal Sussex County Hospital every day and you should join the team at this time too (unless timetabled for a different activity).  The team then reviews the patients and you will have the opportunity to experience changes in patients’ medical conditions and learn about medical management changes.  On Wednesday the team meets at 8.00am in the Digestive Diseases seminar room on level 9A for the weekly X-Ray meeting and you are invited to attend and hear about interesting medical cases and see radiological abnormalities.  On Tuesday the team meets at 8am on the level 9A Bridge for the post take ward round and you should have a patient ready to present to the consultant.  Let the consultant know that you would like to present a patient straight after the consultant has introduced themselves to that patient.  Ask the F1 house officers if you need help with this.

Medical students are expected to present at least one patient on the consultant ward rounds and you should make sure that you are prepared for this.  The foundation house officers, senior house officer and registrars can help you in this regard.  Those students who do not push themselves forwards to present on the consultant ward round miss out on valuable practise that is crucial training for medical exams and professional communication.

There is a lot of freedom to tailor your surgical attachment as you wish with few compulsory timetabled commitments.  There are lots of educational opportunities happening every week and you should try to ensure you have as broad an experience as possible.  You are invited to attend the firm’s ward rounds, elective and emergency operating lists at the Royal Sussex County Hospital and the Princess Royal Hospital, endoscopy lists, out-patient clinics (maximum two students per clinic doctor), X-Ray meetings, cancer meetings and departmental academic afternoons.  The investment that you make in attending these firm activities and in actively participating and asking questions will be mirrored in the educational rewards that you will take away from your surgical attachment.  Welcome and get involved!