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Foundation Doctors at RSCH

Information relevant to surgical foundation doctors (F1 and F2) working and training at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton.


Audit Specialist trainees should endeavour to assist F1 doctors with their audits All Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Digestive Diseases department F1 doctors are expected to complete an audit project during their four month post.  The audit lead for the department is [...]

Discharge Summaries

Discharge Summaries Typing a discharge summary to the GP when a patient leaves hospital is an essential job for Mr Moore's F1 doctor team When any patient is discharged from hospital a F1 doctor written summary is sent to the GP.  [...]

F1 Moore-Ridings Doctor Information

by Hannah Bainbridge A Moore-Ridings F1 Doctor writes here about her post. (Please note that Mr Moore now leads a different firm with Mr Lamah and that his timetable has changed since this article was written). Foundation year 1 (Fy1) Doctor’s Introduction [...]

Laparoscopic skills station

Laparoscopic trainer Please ask Mr Moore if you wish to access the laparoscopic trainer Hand-eye coordination is essential for laparoscopic surgery and practice makes perfect!  The Digestive Diseases department at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals has a digital laparoscopic trainer and laparoscopic [...]

Moore Firm Timetable for F1 and F2 doctor

Moore Firm Timetable for F1 and F2 doctor Summary of the Activities of the Moore Surgical Firm for F1 and F2 doctors MOORE FIRM TIMETABLE At a glance timetable in short with more detailed timetable below : Monday - 8am ward round [...]

Moore Patient List

Moore Patient List One of the most important jobs of F1 house officers is to keep an up-to-date list of Mr Moore's in-patients An up-to-date list of Moore in-patients should be kept by the F1 house officers.  The list is kept in [...]

Moore-Ridings advice from F1 House Officers

Advice from recent Moore-Ridings F1 House Officers by Emilie Elliot and Jamie Franklin Advice to future Moore-Ridings F1 House Officers and interested parties such as medical students from two doctors who have recently completed their F1 attachment on the Moore-Ridings firm. (Please [...]

Morbidity and Mortality Meetings

Morbidity and Mortality Meetings F1 house officers should record and present morbidity and mortality data A regular Morbidity and Mortality meeting is held in the Digestive Diseases department so that complications and deaths can be discussed openly and so that any lessons [...]

Sepsis – A Short Synopsis for Foundation Year (FY) doctors

Sepsis - A Short Synopsis for Foundation Year (FY) doctors Lola Eid-Arimoku (surgical registrar to Mr Moore 2014) writes here about sepsis Sepsis In terms of clinical importance, incidence, prevalence, health burden (morbidity and mortality), sepsis is one of the most [...]

Tips on how to present on Mr Moore’s ward rounds

Tips on how to present on Mr Moore's ward rounds What Mr Moore looks for in a consultant ward round presentation There is a long tradition of consultant surgeon teaching ward rounds in the UK.  Students and trainee doctors gain from them [...]

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