Discharge Summaries

Typing a discharge summary to the GP when a patient leaves hospital is an essential job for Mr Moore’s F1 doctor team

When any patient is discharged from hospital a F1 doctor written summary is sent to the GP.  It is absolutely essential for continuity of patient care that there is good communication between a patient’s hospital team and the community team.  Therefore it is a firm requirement that all of Mr Moore’s RSCH patients have a discharge letter typed by the F1 doctors on the day of a patient’s discharge.

This should contain brief details such as:

  • Hospital admission date
  • Hospital discharge date
  • Working diagnosis
  • Investigation results
  • Operations
  • Medication given during admission but stopped before discharge
  • Routine medication stopped with reason
  • Medication on discharge
  • Discharge arrangements and follow up
  • The F1 doctor’s name

If an F1 doctor does not know certain details like follow-up arrangements then they must seek clarification from their seniors as soon as possible.

If there is any urgent information that a GP should know about their patient on discharge then the F1 doctor should also ring the GP practice to either talk directly to the GP or get a message to them with contact information if the GP wanted to ring back later for further details.

Thank you for working to provide the best patient hospital and community medical management that we can.