Specialist trainees should endeavour to assist F1 doctors with their audits

All Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Digestive Diseases department F1 doctors are expected to complete an audit project during their four month post.  The audit lead for the department is Mr Moore and he will e-mail all F1 doctors within their first month the title of an assigned audit project.  These audit projects will help F1 doctors to learn about clinical project management and they contribute towards improvements in the quality of care that the department provides.

Each F1 doctor will also be assigned a consultant audit supervisor and they should make contact with their supervisor as soon as possible to discuss their audit completion strategy.  F1 doctors should also enlist the help of any other departmental doctor as they see fit.  Firm registrars and specialist trainees are expected to help supervise F1 doctors with their audits and to participate in the departmental audit workload.  Furthermore, Mr Moore can be contacted by e-mail or by attending one of his consultant ward rounds (ask his firm members for times) if the F1 doctor still has audit problems that cannot be resolved by their supervisor or other firm members.

Mr Moore also provides an audit surgery at his RSCH office on level 9A Monday mornings 10.30 to 11am.  Just turn up and knock on the door and look in if you have any audit matters you want to discuss.  If Mr Moore is not there then bleep one of his team as he may still be on his consultant ward round or he may be on leave.

Each F1 doctor should complete the standard audit reporting form that Mr Moore has e-mailed them detailing their audit goals, methods, results (using tables and graphs as necessary), discussion and suggestions for improvements and re-auditing.  They should send their report attached to an e-mail to Mr Moore before the given audit completion date.  The F1 doctor and specialist trainee teams with the best audits will be invited to present their project at a Digestive Diseases clinical governance meeting which will offer valuable official presentation experience worthy of Curriculum Vitae inclusion.